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Tempsicle LITE - Core Palm Cooling- Not Your Average Icepack!

Tempsicle LITE - Core Palm Cooling- Not Your Average Icepack!

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Experience Cooling like Never Before

Introducing the Tempsicle LITE – your ultimate solution for instant temperature regulation and performance enhancement.

Not Your Average Icepack! Cool Down Anywhere with Palm Cooling! Specially designed phase change materials that EXCHANGE HEAT for COOL. Handheld High Performance Cooling Technology pulls HEAT from your Core through your HANDS for OPTIMAL FAST COOLING. 

Advanced Cooling On-The-Go

Utilizing Engineered Phase Change Material, the Tempsicle LITE effectively draws heat from your core through your hands, optimizing your body's response to heat stress during intense activities or hot conditions.

Designed for Durability and Comfort

The sleek, tech-driven design features a puncture-resistant outer bag with a comfortable neoprene band, making it easy to use and durable for repeated uses.

Our LITE Design features strong puncture and tear resistant outer bag with wide neoprene band. Makes it easy to hold and use. Uncomplicated, Sleek Design. 

Simply Freeze and Use. Keeps you cool and fresh using long-lasting palm cooling technology. 

Key Features

  • Performance Cooling
  • Stress and Sweat Reduction
  • Reusable and Simple to Use

Perfect for athletes or anyone needing to cool down efficiently, the Tempsicle LITE is your go-to accessory for sports and daily activities. Also great for Menopause Hotflashes, Excessive Sweating, waiting in Line, by the Beach, by the Pool, Gardening, Concerts, anytime you need to cool down quickly.

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